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Started a podcast!
  thewh00sel, Nov 05 2023

Haven’t posted on here in ages. Not even sure if anyone still checks this site regularly…but I started a podcast with my friend Justin Young to help promote our reserved game at The Aria on Table 1. The podcast is fittingly… The table 1 podcast. If you guys are still interested in my poker journey in any capacity this is the place to follow along.



Art “thewh00sel” Parmann =]

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Need USD Skrill, Have BTC
  thewh00sel, Nov 14 2016

nm taken care of

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New blog posts
  thewh00sel, Jun 02 2016

sorry I forgot to cross-post. There are some links and pictures and stuff in one of them so I'm just going to post the links to each one instead of re-linking each photo. I know I'm lazy. Here you go:

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