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Poker Vlog King: Brad Owen Tells ALL.
  thewh00sel, Apr 07 2024

Dear fellow degens,

I know what you’re thinking: “if I had 2 first names instead of a first and last name I’d be a popular poker vlogger too.” Well sorry but there can only be one Brad Owen. And we got him on the pod to explain how awesome poker vlogging is. (Actually it turns out he started vlogging so his parents wouldn’t disown his degenerate gambling ass).

Or something like that. You’ll have to watch to find out what he said exactly.

Anyways, he gets down into the nitty gritty. He tells us everything from:

How he found poker

How long he spends on his Vlogs (fucking long)

How much $ he makes from YouTube

What the future holds

Enjoy episode 17 of the Table 1 Podcast with Brad Owen

Youtube: Click Here


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$50 to $350k before 21? Twitter Drama? WPT POY?
  thewh00sel, Feb 14 2024

Dear Fans, friends, and aspiring keyboard warriors,

Today we sit down with poker legend Jonathan Little, whose story defies the typical "lucky break" narrative. From his initial $50 deposit into an online poker site at the tender age of 18, Jonathan's journey through the high stakes world of poker is nothing short of remarkable. This episode peels back the layers of Jonathan's career, touching on his early days in the game, his approach to bankroll management, and the pivotal moments that have defined his path. We delve into the recent Twitter controversy that's been surrounding Jonathan, providing listeners with an insider's perspective on the drama that unfolds in the public eye.

Listeners will be treated to Jonathan's insights on balancing the demands of professional poker with personal life and business ventures. The episode is not just a walkthrough of Jonathan's poker career but an intimate look at the evolution of a man who has grown and adapted over the years. With stories of networking, big wins, and the challenges of keeping it real, this episode is a fascinating exploration of the life of a poker pro beyond the table. Whether you're a poker enthusiast or just someone intrigued by the stories of people who turn their passions into success, this episode offers a compelling blend of personal anecdotes, professional advice, and the occasional poker strategy tip straight from Jonathan Little himself.

???? Enjoy episode 15 of the Table 1 Podcast with Jonathan Little

Youtube: Click Here


-Art and Justin

PS: I don't know how to resize images using the forum codes...So the thumbnail is more foot-sized. Oh well. Lemme know what you think! =]

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Started a podcast!
  thewh00sel, Nov 05 2023

Haven’t posted on here in ages. Not even sure if anyone still checks this site regularly…but I started a podcast with my friend Justin Young to help promote our reserved game at The Aria on Table 1. The podcast is fittingly… The table 1 podcast. If you guys are still interested in my poker journey in any capacity this is the place to follow along.



Art “thewh00sel” Parmann =]

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