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WSOP recap
  thewh00sel, Jul 16 2014

Spent $64k on MTT buy-ins and buying pieces of people this summer
Sold $28k worth of action in MTTs

Cashed twice for a total of $22,867
Returned $13,428 of total cashes to backers

NET: -$26,561

Pretty shitty results for this WSOP, but one close call in my second to last event (got 21st in the little one drop for 20k) saved me from a really bad summer. I have to say I had a lot of fun playing the series this year despite a lack of results. I think I played 23 events which is probably the most I've ever played. This was completely opposite of my goal of playing LESS events and focusing on cash for the summer. Oh well, I guess I have the MTT itch again, didn't think that would ever come back. I plan on playing more tourneys this year than in years past; some highlights on the schedule are: Borgata WPT $3,500 in September, maybe the $5k 10mill gtd in florida, and hopefully PCA or Aussie millions (I've never been to either).

Haven't blogged in a while, but WSOP kind of kills all other endeavors. Looking forward to normalizing my schedule again now that poker season has ended. I put in 180 hours in June and already 90 hours in July. That will likely return to my average of about 140 hours per month in short order.

Expenses have been quite high as of late, and I expect it to remain that way if I do decide to travel for some poker tournaments and continue to pay down debt. I'm still teetering on the edge of a 10/20NL bankroll thanks to an awful May (-35k) and a breakeven summer (-5k or so net) so I have to be careful in paying off loans. Having a roll for 10/20 is much more important than paying something down that I can't get the cash back for if I downswing (student loans). One big upswing and I can pay everything off in 6 months versus rebuilding at 5/10 and still having minimum payments to worry about. I plan on charting out everything, but I estimate that if everything continues steadily (does it ever?) I'll be rid of student loan debt (~50k) and vehicle debt (~10k) in about 2.5 years and have only a mortgage (~240k) to deal with. Seems insurmountable looking the numbers in the face, but it wasn't long ago that vehicle debt was 20k and student loans were 60k. Progress!

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Goal Progress
  thewh00sel, Apr 11 2014

  Feb Goal Progress
Pay off auto loans of ~16k
8% complete

25% complete: 12k left @ 4.3%

Put a dent in student loans of ~60k
0.8% paid off

6.6% complete: 56k left @6.8%

Invest ~25-30k outside of any day-trading or sports betting ventures.
0% complete

Invested about 15k into various index funds and 2k into part ownership of two bitcoin miners
~50% complete

  Play a few less tournaments during the WSOP (and win one)

  1800 hours of cash games
7.78% complete

21% complete: 387 hours. Slacking here and definitely off pace.

  Added Goal
65% Saving rate for the year
Average Savings Rate: 77%

Average savings rate: 80%

So I'm exceeding most goals due to running well for the first part of the year. Should have put that as one of my goals as well, heh.

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Quarter 1 bragpost
  thewh00sel, Apr 03 2014

Title says it all. Since the turn of the new year, I've played 10/20 almost exclusively. So far it's paid off. I ran quite hot at the beginning of the year, and got into some very good spots against big whales. This boost in bankroll provided a boost in confidence that translated well to my poker game. Not confidence like bluff every hand like a hero, but allowing myself to play my "A" game sitting deepstacked against all opponents.

My average hours played has suffered a bit, but that's due in part to us pulling our daughter out of school and me spending more time with her and the baby at home. She was picking up some bad habits, and it just wasn't worth the cost because I had to stay home with the baby either way, so driving her up to school and coming back home is a waste of time and money. And I still take her to the park and other events for socialization and learning so I'm happy with the exchange.

In other exciting news, my wife will be taking next year off of work to stay home with the girls. She'll be doing the preschooling for our oldest. We are also going to make a big decision with regard to schooling of our oldest after this year. I am heavily leaning toward "unschooling." If you haven't heard of it, it's the act of raising your kids without public education, and simply teaching them whatever they want to learn about at any time. It's a legal form of homeschooling in the United States, and has shown some promising results in kids that are going through it or have gone through it. (wiki link:


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